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Careers in Art & Design

Careers in art and design evolve as new technologies, ideas, and methods of communication emerge. The skills you develop while engaged in design problem-solving and practice apply in design, business, information technology, publishing, broadcasting, or advertising and marketing, to name a few. What will you do?

If you are seeking fulfilling and challenging career in the arts, it is essential to learn required skills and theory, but you can’t stop there. Create wider career possibilities for yourself by learning about the world and doing the best work you can do. A passion for your craft, inexhaustible curiosity, and a desire for continual improvement are common attributes of successful designers. Begin your journey today by involving yourself inside and outside Stevenson University through internships, learning beyond, study abroad, service learning, and relationships with professional design practitioners.

The career paths you can explore with a degree in Visual Communication Design are broad and varied. While many of our students become designers (in print, web, or motion), others seek design-related opportunities in advertising, production management, marketing, technology, social media, environmental design, photography, promotions, or public relations. Student seeking to expand on their SU education may also explore graduate school upon graduation. Learn more about specific career options.

Students working with Faculty

Faculty and students form lasting bonds in small studio art courses.