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Art & Visual Communication

The Stevenson University Visual Communication Design major is designed to prepare students for professional practice and graduate study in graphic design, advertising, marketing communications, electronic or print publishing, web and interactive design, digital imaging, motion graphics, or related fields.

We are committed to helping students improve their ability to express ideas, solve problems, and design for diverse audiences and contexts. As students prepare for a career in Visual Communication Design, they develop a research-based design process and produce a portfolio. The Art Department offers students a rigorous curriculum characterized by a high-level of problem-based learning that encourages risk-taking and critical-thinking, immerses students in real-world scenarios, includes academic experiences and professional activities outside of the classroom, and allows for significant student-student and student-faculty collaboration.

I welcome you to explore the site and please contact me to learn more about our dynamic program at Stevenson University.

Amanda Gingery Hostalka
Professor of Art
Art Department Chair



Print Making

Visual Communication Design students study painting, drawing and printmaking in a rigorous foundation program leading up to advanced design courses.